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Paleo and the benefits of Bone Broth


My first real introduction to the Paleo diet was when I visited the Paleo Weight Loss Retreat in Phuket.  I generally find myself heading back to Thailand each year to do a detox program, usually a juice fast at my favorite place in Koh Samui, but last year I thought I’d try something different and use my break as an opportunity to learn more about the Paleo diet and lifestyle.  I was a tad cynical initially (as are a lot of people) about the total elimination of grains from the diet, or the total elimination of any particular food group for that matter. I had already mostly eliminated dairy from my diet once I found out that it was the culprit triggering my indigestion and gastro intestinal issues, but generally tried to promote an ‘everything in moderation’ approach.

I spent quite a bit of the time while I was there researching the philosophy of the Paleo diet, reviewing a vast amount of research presented to support the anti grain argument. I began to understand why, for some people, particularly those with digestive issues, the shift away from certain food groups and towards the highly nutritious alternatives promoted by the Paleo advocates would be appealing should it actually improve their health and energy levels to the degree people testified to.

Fortunately, I do not suffer too much from eating grains although I do not eat a lot of them for various reasons. I have a compromised digestive system and when I eat too much of anything in particular I suffer from sluggishness and energy level slumps which don’t allow me to function at the level I need to in order to maintain the health and fitness levels I strive for.  For me, eating too much processed food, highly processed grains and refined sugars wipes my energy levels out completely after a couple of days so I ensure I discipline myself to return to eating quality foods as quickly as possible after a period of indulgence.

The Paleo diet advocates some incredibly nutritionally dense foods that can help to boost the immune system and negate, or even reverse, some of the negative side effects of our generations dietary tendencies.  One of the most popular of these is bone broth, something that a lot of us would have grown up with our mothers making but not really embraced as much as we might have had we been aware of its many health benefits. It shouldn’t take too much persuasion for the average person to warm to the idea of making their own once they discover just how incredibly easy it is!

Follow the link below for more details on the benefits of bone broth:  I have also included some recipes in my Recipe section.

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