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Benefits of yoga during a detoxification program

Although our bodies are designed to eliminate waste, we are often so overloaded with toxins that it is unable to do its job properly. This may be due to a number of factors, a particular stressful stage in your life, excess caffeine or alcohol consumption, a diet filled with processed food, or a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise.

Along with a healthy diet and plenty of water, yoga provides the perfect way to give your body some positive attention. You will feel renewed in no time at all once you get a little yoga in every day.

The body eliminates waste through its circulatory system, digestive system and lymphatic system. Through yoga, we can help the body eliminate impurities such as carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and lymphatic fluid, while allowing oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to flow readily to the organs.

How Yoga Can Help Detox Your Body?


Twisting poses will help squeeze the organs and will be the most beneficial to your detoxing practice. When we twist, our blood flows to the liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen and intestines. This allows fresh clean blood to enter your internal organs.

Back bends

Back bends will strengthen your back and will also create a little pressure on the abdomen, which encourages digestion and aids in the elimination of waste.

Forward Bends

Forward bends will compress the belly and again stimulate digestion and aid elimination. Standing forward bends will reverse the pull of gravity and circulate fresh blood to the head and filter your lymph nodes.


Last but not the least, inversions also assist to drain lymph fluids from the legs and re-circulate through the body. This means the immune system has the opportunity to replenish itself.

Inverting the body (going upside down) will stimulate your thyroid gland as well which in turn will boost your metabolism. They also soothe your nervous system, which can be hyper activated and easily overworked.

More benefits of yoga

Yoga can be particularly beneficial for relieving the symptoms of constipation.  Our friends at Jen Reviews have given us permission to access their article exploring some of the causes of constipation, and recommending yoga poses most beneficial to relieve the symptoms:  Yoga for Constipation: 14 Yoga Poses For Relieving Constipation

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